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3D Miracle Brows

Microblading by Marisa


About Me

"The eyes are the windows to the soul"... so why shouldn't your eyebrows be beautiful?


As a teen growing into an adult, I struggled with trying to perfect the symmetry and shape of my brows. This daily problem lead to over plucking, which resulted in thin brows. To make things worse, having oily skin would make it difficult to have the make up stay on my skin over a period of time. Once I discovered that there was an advanced technique to permanently create realistic, flawless eyebrows, I knew I found a solution to my daily brow struggle and be able to help others who had similar experiences.


I discovered Phi Brows®, recognized as one of the best academies in the world. From there, I perfected their artistry and techniques which offer each client one of the most realistic and natural eyebrow shape, involving careful measuring of the individuals face, ensuring a custom fit tailored just for you. Precision and accuracy is what I take pride in all my work, which I let speak for itself... I am passionate about the aesthetic field because I can help others build their confidence and feel beautiful through my artistry.

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