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What is Stretch Mark Removal?

Our advanced inkless technique offers a non-invasive and highly effective method for reducing the appearance of stretch marks. By stimulating collagen production and promoting skin regeneration, inkless technology helps to visibly fade stretch marks without the need for traditional tattooing or invasive procedures. Using Microscopic needles (similar way to microneedling but a lot more aggressive) and PENETRATE/INFUSE our special mix of serums, organic oil, and vitamins that will help induce collagen and activate melanin within the skin to improve cellular turnover, reonstructing & rejuvenating the skin to bring back the natural pigment.

How long does the results last?

The results of our innovative stretch mark removal treatment is permanent. By utilizing advanced techniques and technologies, we effectively target and reduce the appearance of stretch marks, resulting in long-lasting improvements to the skin's texture and appearance.from the within the skin. Our approach is designed to address the root cause of stretch marks, promoting collagen production and skin regeneration to create lasting, transformative results. With our Inkless Stretch Mark Removal, you can achieve smoother, more even-toned skin that lasts.

What areas can be treated?

What areas can be treated? ● Abdomen tummy ●Front thighs ●Side thighs ●Back Of Thighs ●Glutes ●Shoulders ●Upper arms ●Lower arms ●Upper back ●Lower back ●Chest ●Back of the knees ●Lower legs ●Side hips Any area with stretch marks

What to avoid before stretch mark removal?

PRECARE 3 days prior to your appointment: ●Avoid sun Exposure ●Avoid blood thinners Caffeine Soda Alcohol Smoking Painkillers Tumeric Ginger Cayenne pepper Vitamin E Fish oil Garlic Cassia cinnamon Bromelain

What is aftercare like?

AFTERCARE: Apply oil generously, a little goes a long way. ●Avoid wearing tight clothes for the next 3 days ●Avoid Scratching and peeling to prevent irritation and infection ●Avoid sweating for 7 days. You may continue light workout after treatment area is no longer inflamed, (pink/red.) ●Avoid submerging treatment area in water for 7 days. To cleanse, quickly rinse area for 6 weeks. ●Avoid all aeromatherapy such as perfume, deodorant, serum or lotions with fragrance on area.

What's the healing process like?

●Day 1 - 2: Redness, swelling, pain and sensitivity to touch or pressure ●Day 3: Redness began to subside slightly. Treated areas are still Raised. Itchiness on outer areas of application. ●Day 4: Swelling and pain begin to subside. Redness continues, mild itchiness. ●Day 5: Redness, swelling and pain subside. Itchiness continues (sign of healing) ●Day 6 - 14: Treatment area is no longer raised or red, but appears bruised. Height of itchiness due to healing process. ●Week 3: Bruised appearance begins to fade. Itchiness subsides ●Week 4 - 6: Original skin color begins to resurface.


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